Internship Assignment: Working together on health in Brabant
Provincie Noord-Brabant

WO, HBO, MBO   |   Maximaal €350   |   Stage   |   Tijdelijk   |   24 - 36 uur
Solliciteer (t/m 1-7-2023)
Wanted: collaborators (associate/bachelor) and researchers (bachelor/master)

At BrabantNEXT, we have several internships for different assignments, at different levels associate/bachelor/university. We work on social issues for our province of Noord Brabant with the aim that the population of Brabant can enjoy living and working here. What the internships have in common is working together on innovative solutions. We research and we experiment. We develop diverse concepts and create impact. 

Internships at BrabantNEXT are always project-based and team-based. We team up students from different backgrounds, with different experiences and talents. Under the guidance of innovation specialists and other experts, they explore ideas and new perspectives.  


Internship assignments at BrabantNEXT last ± five months. We are flexible in terms of your attendance. You will mainly be working at the Werkplace, our inspiring and creative hub on Tramkade or at the provincial government building in 's-Hertogenbosch. But working from home occasionally or at school is also an option. In the morning, we start the day together, then you get to work with your team. Around noon, we have lunch together and go for a walk, for those who feel like it. Every month there are various activities and events to participate in and there is time for a game of table football or a Friday afternoon drink. All interns at BrabantNEXT receive an internship allowance of €350 gross per month for a 36-hour workweek.  


Are you creative, self-directed, and can you look at a complex question with an open mind? Do you enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team on a single project and would you like to share your talent with others? Apply for the internship assignment below, all disciplines are welcome. 


Assignment: Working together on health in Brabant 

Develop an action-oriented concept whereby the province and partners can work better together on health in Brabant.  


The province of North Brabant wants 3 more healthy life years for every Brabander by 2030. This is a big and complex challenge. See the link for more information on health policy:  

In order to make the right choices, it must become clear what health dilemmas there are and who values what at different levels. We see that municipalities and also the province itself are struggling to balance various interests. It is therefore important to understand each other's interests and choices. 


We already discuss this with each other in meeting rooms. But that does not generate enough impact. As a province, we want to work as a connector of partners, internally and externally. So that we can work more intensively with local municipalities (and other partners). Not just by talking, but by doing. We are looking for a concept with impact! Which will get our partners moving internally and externally and reduce the gap between various policy choices. Would you like to work in an innovative way and develop a method, tool or form that gets the conversation going between local councils (and other partners) and provincial policymakers? So that together they can identify the dilemmas around all interests and create an impact? Then this internship assignment is for you! 


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Contact: Janneke Brouwer/Anouk van Weert 



BrabantNEXT is part of the province of Noord Brabant. 

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